Friday, August 1, 2008

It's not you, it's me

The problem with my other blog is not that you can't read it. You can. For now, at least until they decide when or if they are going to delete it.

The problem is that I can't post anything to it. Which means I am deprived of my blogging voice on the blog where my readers know where to find me. And it looks like others are experiencing the same problem. I wonder if it's only us liberals who are getting our blogs marked as spam by Jeebus knows who.

But like the sports cliche goes, you can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me.

My best guess is someone from the hard wing nut religious Republican right is going through progressive and liberal blogs and marking them as spam so we get knocked off the blogosphere for a few days. Or it could be one of those crazy former Clinton supporters who hates Obama so much that she or he wants to knock us off the net for a spell. Either way, you won't silence me. I'll keep shifting from blog to blog and starting new ones if I have to. And I could always swtich to WordPress if I have to.

And thank you to all of you who followed me over here and who wrote about my plight on your blogs. You kids rock. And I may be paranoid but you folks who use Blogger may want to set up a back up blog just in case something like this happens to you.


Nan said...

All it takes is one jerk to make a person's life miserable. It does strike me as being the type of petty shit a Repugnican would pull -- they thrive on dirty tricks. I'm not sure the hard-core Hillary fans would think of it. They seem to be so totally focused on whining and self-delusion that it wouldn't occur to them to lash out at any individual other than Obama.

Bradda said...

I miss the free smells dammit! Bring back Monkey Muck!

Dr. Zaius said...

I wonder if it's that no_slappz guy? Just a theory.

HelenWheels said...

Hi all, I came here from Bradda's blog where they were kind enough to link you.

I have a stalker that you wouldn't believe - and he did spam me, like mad (I have the email to prove it) and he posts about me using my real contact information and pictures of me that i never gave him. I marked him as spam since he wouldn't stop posting links all over my comment section. Nothing happened.

So, yeah, we can pretty much assume that there is probably some anti-liberal bias at ol' Blogger. They claim they will not close a blog for content unless it's illegal. If you weren't posting porn or anything, you should not be shut down.

My stalker is out-and-out guilty of defamation (lawyers told me) and I'm doing all I can to pursue it & stop it before I'm forced to sue. But neither Blogger nor his ISP seem to think it's a problem that he has posted vicious lies about me all over his piece of shit blog.
That's how it is these days.

The only comfort I have is knowing that no one reads his pile of vile crap blog. All he does is post about me. How goddamn boring is that?

I'm sorry your blog was taken down and please keep Bradda apprised of the situation!!!

Swinebread said...

Hey! This sucks big time!

Übermilf said...

If it's war they want...

vikkitikkitavi said...

Hey, Dr. MVM, I linked to you, and I left a message on your old blog, too.

I would like to encourage everyone who wants to free Monkey Muck from the Blogger freezer to go to the last post and leave a protest message. Let's let Blogger know, when they "review" his blog, exactly what we think of this bullshit.

Bob said...

Not to throw a blanket on your righteous anger, but I checked the Blogger help and .... well, let's just say that people who blog about quilts and macramé, or write reviews of fiction, don't seem the typical ReighWing target.

I'm more convinced than ever that Blogger installed some new code in the spambot program, and it went nuts.

My place has been cleared, btw, so it seems that they are working through things.

Hope you get back to your real home soon!

Odile said...

The truth is that I never read your blog before but at least you speak about kill all the latiamaerican people of the word or destroy The Tibet or somethig like that (or support Nazi/Ceaucescu/Chavez violent ideas) none has to censure you, Speak laud (and hope clear) because your public demandit so your conscience.
As for me I link you new and your old blogs in my.

(as dr. zaius know I´m fom mexico so i hope you can understad my english, i relly suck writting it)

dguzman said...

Sweet Jesus, it's the apocalypse! And I didn't even know--I went to Vik's blog and found out!

Fight the power, Monkey!

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, I'm digging the header. And now I want some Barqs root beer.

Some Guy said...

Hang in there, Dr.! The rescue party is en route!

Larry Jones said...

Hey, I only knew you from your comments on Vikki's blog, Bells On. Now that I've read your actual blog, I see that it's much better than your comments. Sorry you've been flagged. Blogger is a great service, very polished, but as long as you use it, you are subject to their Terms of Service, and it's legal for them to do this, no matter how unfair.

When they put up the "Flag This" button a few years ago, I bought my own domain and installed Wordpress. I was able to import all my Blogger posts and comments and redirect everybody (the Precious Few) to the new URL, and now the questionable things I write are between me, the readers and the First Amendment. Anybody fucks with me, it's a violation of my civil rights, God damnit.

Hope you get back in business soon!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Larry, you sure know how to run a monkey's head with your flattery. I'm glad you like my blog posts better than you like my comments on Vikki's blog. I tend to keep my comments on other people's blogs pithy and to the point but after reading that you didn't like my comments so much I may change my comment policy.

Bridget Jones said...

I found out from WC's blog. Hang in there sweetie, this seems to be a Blogger issue. I never blog about politics (mostly because it doesn't interest me all that much) but I got the same label as you did anyway.

I suspect in my case it was WC's troll. Wonder if that might be the case here too?

Will link to the new addy and set up a backup site. You never know.