Friday, August 1, 2008

Good news

I'm pleased to report that we've accepted an offer from another couple to buy our condo.  Nothing has been signed yet but we have accepted their offer which is contingent on them selling their place.  They're buying our place for just a smidgen under what we were asking.  

Now that we have accepted their offer we're going back to look at the house that Sparky really really wants.  We're going to go over with a fine tooth comb and then make that couple an offer which will be contingent on us selling our place to the couple who's offer we already accepted.

With a little luck all this business will be behind us soon and we'll be on our way to moving into a nice three bedroom/two bath house with a big back yard that's across town and across the street from some friends of ours.  It's a nice older ranch style home that is "move in-able" now.  The basement we can work on as we move along.  It's finished in the sense it has electricity, concrete floors, plumbing, and a fire place and as time goes on we're going to add some walls and divide it up into a laundry area, a den, and a small kitchenette.  We also plan to make a patio outside off the basement door.  Of course all this is predicated on whether or not they decide to accept our offer.  If they don't then we have some back up houses in mind.  

Anyway, I'm glad we've got our place sold as quickly as we did.


Instead of doing my usual blog reading and post writing, I'm still pissed that Blogger has me locked out of posting to Monkey Muck, this morning I drove over to Kingsport to my favorite place to buy vintage magazines and I picked up the following mags:

They're all chock full of great vintage pictures and ads that I'll be scanning and posting to my Flickr account in the next week or so.

After buying all those magazines for $3.60 plus tax, I went to another antique store and I picked up the 1972 edition of the East Tennesee State University yearbook. I'll be scanning and uploading pictures from it soon as well.

I'll be doing all this in between my usual blogging, either here or over at the original Monkey Muck, and trying to make the world a better more progressive place. No need to thank me, it's the least I could do for all of you.


Thank you to everyone who has followed me over here for however long Blogger decides to hold my other blog hostage.

And I want to especially thank the allegedly progressive and liberal person who called me "insignificant" for dropping by and insulting me in the comments. (No need to go look dear readers, I deleted this person's comment already. The person in question may howl that I am censoring them but he/she has her/his own blog and she/he can write whatever they like about me there.) It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to drop by but rest assured I won't be sinking to your level by going to your blog and insulting you. Dropping to your level and calling you a name, a tactic you must have learned from the radical right, would only demean me and frankly it would be just too easy, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

I have visited your blog in the past and I have left comments, though none insulted you personally, but I have not been to your place in a while. Rest assured I'll never come by again. I've got bigger fish to fry, I've got a country to take back from the radical religious right and the bloodsucking corporate jackals, I've got to help a candidate we can all be proud of get elected, and I've got jokes to crack. You on the other hand only have time to insult and heckle people who are trying to make a difference and give some levity to others at this one of our nation's darkest hours. I guess we all have our priorities.

I remember a few months ago you were calling someone else "insignificant:"
Have a nice life and let me leave you with one piece of advice, try not to be so bitter about things, it will only eat you up inside and shorten your life.

It's not you, it's me

The problem with my other blog is not that you can't read it. You can. For now, at least until they decide when or if they are going to delete it.

The problem is that I can't post anything to it. Which means I am deprived of my blogging voice on the blog where my readers know where to find me. And it looks like others are experiencing the same problem. I wonder if it's only us liberals who are getting our blogs marked as spam by Jeebus knows who.

But like the sports cliche goes, you can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me.

My best guess is someone from the hard wing nut religious Republican right is going through progressive and liberal blogs and marking them as spam so we get knocked off the blogosphere for a few days. Or it could be one of those crazy former Clinton supporters who hates Obama so much that she or he wants to knock us off the net for a spell. Either way, you won't silence me. I'll keep shifting from blog to blog and starting new ones if I have to. And I could always swtich to WordPress if I have to.

And thank you to all of you who followed me over here and who wrote about my plight on your blogs. You kids rock. And I may be paranoid but you folks who use Blogger may want to set up a back up blog just in case something like this happens to you.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

You can try silence me but as long as I draw breath I'll keep blogging

Some asshole, probably some angry right wing religious Republican nutbag has turned in my main blog to Blogger as a "spam blog" and subsequently Blogger has blocked me from posting to my main blog.

When I tried to sign so that I could write another post I found this message:

Monkey Muck View Blog
1,874 Posts, last published on Jul 31, 2008
This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.
This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.

To the person who turned me in I say, "Fuck you. You will never silence me."

To Blogger I say, "Open up my main blog god damn it or I may sue you."

To you people who read me spread the word that I'll be posting to this blog. And thank you for reading me and commenting so much. It's a pleasure to write this stuff knowing that smart progressives like you read it. And to the right wing Jesus dick sucking haters who want my voice silenced, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

To the battlements my friends, this is almost certainly a further salvo against free speech in this country in general and against progressive liberal voices in particular.